5 Best-Practices to Deliver a Compelling All-Hands Meeting

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Like a lot of other business processes, all-hands meetings have evolved substantially due to technological progress and innovative solutions. In a reality where the millennial workforce sifts between multiple job offers and organizations are becoming more dedicated to giving their employees additional value and information, all-hands meetings became the optimal tool for management to create a transparent, informative space where employees can raise issues and get some answers.

As opposed to traditional all-hands meetings when communication was mostly one-sided, today’s all-hands meeting solutions enable various interactive features. This seemingly insignificant change, in fact, indicates an exciting shift in today’s business culture – perceiving employees as valuable, and realizing knowledge-sharing is a vital part of every business growth and success.

With that in mind, we have gathered some best-practices to leverage the full scope of available all-hands meeting solutions, and enable you to have powerful, engaging, and collaborative meetings, even when it comes to big organizations.

So here we are, 5 best-practices to deliver a compelling all-hands meeting:

  1. Yes, it’s about the company, but it’s also about your employees
    If you think all-hands meetings are only about updating everyone on the latest quarterly growth, or what corporate challenges lie ahead, you’re wrong. This may have been true 20 years ago, but today’s employees expect to be heard and responded to about what bothers them. And there’s no better way to do that than an all-hands meeting, where their executives can finally provide some answers.
  2. Work with anonymous Q&As
    There are three reasons why this can rock your meeting: the first is because no manager likes to be put in a corner and when executives know in advance what their employees are troubled about, they can prepare and give a thorough answer, even for the tough questions. The second reason is that most employees don’t feel comfortable challenging their executives on this kind of platform, so anonymous Q&As are a great way to get them involved. And lastly, this is the ultimate way to make your meeting valuable, address burning issues and provide relevant information for your employees.
  3. Organize regularly
    All-hands meetings are a huge asset to your organizational culture. It’s a chance to display and deploy true corporate transparency, increase motivation, share information, and harness your employees to one unified goal or strategy. It’s also the best way to keep in touch with the ground and “clear the air,” which means these meetings are most productive when organized quarterly, to address any issue while it’s still relevant.
  4. Share the stage with a new talent or other employees
    All-hands meetings are a fantastic opportunity to give credit to those hard-working employees and display an empowering leadership. Celebrating your employees’ achievements boosts motivation and further conveys the message that your company is based on each of your employees’ success, and that they are a vital part of a shared purpose.
  5. Don’t forget the feedback
    How else can you make sure all topics were addressed adequately? This is a vital part of every all-hands meeting, and without it, you’ll never be able to tell if your employees are getting what they can from these sessions, or if your messages have been conveyed properly.

Setting up the ground for a winning all-hands meeting

Before you start planning your next all-hands meeting, the first step is making sure you have the right platform with the right features for an interactive, mutual communication. Because, if you don’t have the right tools, none of these best-practices will be relevant.

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