Why Skype for Business is Not Enough
5 Must-Have Video Conferencing Features that SfB Lacks

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Whoever uses Skype for Business knows what a reliable content sharing platform it is, with an easy-to-use interface and solid user experience. However, SfB users also know this platform cannot provide the best of what video conferencing solutions offer today, and the reason is simple – it was never designed to be a dedicated video platform. That explains why more and more businesses use additional video conferencing solutions along with SfB to meet their advanced video-based meeting requirements.

In light of recent technological innovations in the video conferencing world, businesses have higher expectations from their video conferencing solutions. And while SfB may be ideal for smaller, simple sessions between SfB users or specific content sharing, it is simply not enough when it comes to multiple-participant, high-quality, fully functional video meetings.

The main advantages of using complementary video conferencing solutions to fill the feature gap in SfB are clear –

1. Better experience for Mac and Linux users

Although available on Mac and Linux, SfB offers only a feature-limited version, which in effect means poor customer experience and lower functionality.

2. Higher-quality video experience

One thing is all too evident – SfB is not a purely video-dedicated tool. Dedicated video solutions offer support for non-HD users (such as mobile or personal system participants) and video conference end-points H.323. They provide a view of more people on the screen at the same time, enable full-screen mode, and offer many more personal meeting preferences.

3. Better connectivity with other platforms’ users

While SfB is ideal for internal business use, it still has a long way to go when it comes to making it simple to connect with others outside the organization. And as connectivity across different platforms is almost a ‘must’ these days, it’s clear there’s a need to use other platforms to allow easy access by any user with a click of a mouse.

4. Advanced meeting control features

Advanced meeting control options such as switching over to phone, changing the layout for all participants, remote video and audio, and more – are not available on SfB, but are widely available on other video conferencing platforms.

5. Improved Bandwidth utilization

When you’re looking to limit your bandwidth utilization, SfB falls short as opposed to other video conferencing solutions with better efficiency and decreased bandwidth requirements.

Bottom line is –

Although a suitable solution for peer-to-peer meetings, content sharing, or internal communication with humble conference requirements, Skype for Business still does not provide full value for businesses requiring an advanced, high-quality platform for video conferencing. Virtual meetings today require video conferencing solutions that offer inter-connectivity, high video quality, easy access, easy deployment, and productivity features at the click of a mouse.

In other words, while Skype for Business is a valuable tool when it comes to today’s complex and agile conferencing demands, it’s just not enough. Fortunately, you can easily integrate numerous advanced video conferencing solutions to complement SfB and enjoy the best of all worlds. After all, isn’t that what great technology is all about?

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