“Okay Google, What’s The Future Gonna Look Like?”

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6 Mind Blowing Trends To Shape The Future Of Web Collaboration

As technology continues to disrupt almost every industry, web collaboration is not spared; new conferencing and communication solutions emerge with ever-improved audio and video quality, along with content sharing features and minimum latency. In terms of technology richness, this is a dream come true. Peer-to-peer collaboration, virtual global reach, and cross-organizational communication have never been easier to deploy, and what’s left is choosing between an increasingly growing pool of brands.

So what’s next? Well, signs everywhere indicate that we are not necessarily about to witness yet another major technological innovative app or breath-taking equipment. No, tomorrow’s revolution is not about NEW technology-
It is about USING technology in entirely different ways.

From a ‘loud’ presence to a silent enabler, communication technology is now achieving its ultimate purpose – making our encounters more alive, more personal and more engaging.

And on that note, let’s talk about the most prominent trends shaping the conferencing and web collaboration industry in the coming future, maybe even in 2018. If you haven’t braced yourself yet, now is the time –

1. Millennial workforce is changing the workspace.

“Millennials will comprise more than one of three adult Americans by 2020 and 75 percent of the workforce by 2025.”
(Donston-Miller, 2016)

This is already an established reality, and it is changing the way corporates build their employment strategies, their organizational cultures, their values, and even the way they design their workspace. Generation Y is not one for technical disruptions, latency issues or lack of a proper video and audio equipment, and if you ask them, these are factors that actually influence their decision-making when it comes to choosing a workplace (and yes, they will probably be the ones doing the choosing).

2. A jubilation of all senses.

The video conferencing “once” thought to be the top communicative platform is now slowly making room for the future format – team collaboration. Other than the slightly different phrasing, this latter form of communication is also all-inclusive, leaving no human sense un-stimulated. With products such as CISCO Spark board, future encounters will include touch, drawing, video, and sharing features for an even more authentic experience of ideas and knowledge sharing. Conference rooms will turn into huddle rooms specifically designed for interactive and collaborative meetings, with remote colleagues working on the same board, sitting in the same room – virtually. It doesn’t get any closer than that to a personal encounter.

3. Connectivity.

This one is going to be the name of the game soon, with companies already making their products compatible with almost any system. Web collaboration providers looking to get inside organizations’ meeting rooms should enable their products to communicate with existing infrastructure.

4. AI and chatbots.

If it isn’t already evident, future meetings could very well be hosted and managed by virtual assistants. And come to think of it, why shouldn’t they? If we are really after a seamless experience, chatbots are a perfect choice: eliminating the human factor while optimizing all technical elements.

5. Data security.

Now, this is probably one of the leading challenges web collaboration providers are facing. With cybercrime increasingly on the rise, businesses are ever more vulnerable to cyber-attacks aimed for data theft. As data flow is necessary today more than ever, securing confidential information will become a top priority, and, as such, a crucial differentiator between brands.

6. Cloud changes roles, and rules.

We already see it today, but this trend will inevitably intensify with business communication migrating to the cloud: soon enough, it will be the cloud providers who will have to stay up-to-date, not the customers.

So what will future meetings be like?

With standards so high in visual, sound, touch and speed, communication is now becoming almost unmediated by technology. Virtual meetings will gradually feel more alive, more personal, more… well, real. In a reality like that, business implications are unfathomable in terms of retention rates, productivity, and growth.

Welcome, 2018, we are definitely ready.

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