How to ensure you’re getting the best out of collaboration tools in your organization

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From ROI to performance excellence, here are the top tips & tricks to help you get the best out of collaboration tools in your organization. Ready? Grab a pencil!


1. Measure ROI

Use these KPIs to constantly measure existing collaboration tools’ performance:

● Employee adoption rate – usage, most popular features, usage of other tools
● Infrastructure and capacity needed to support your organization’s collaboration tools
● Quality of user experience – ease of use, reliability, technical issues, setup time
● Usage patterns that support work processes – choice of location and device, mode of communication
● IT maintenance – troubleshooting occurrence, upgrades
● Faster workflow – how collaboration tools affect decision making and efficiency

2. Improve adoption for better performance

Use these best practices to improve adoption:

● Stick to the manufacturer’s workflow guidelines.
● Consider your company’s unique workflow and deploy the tool in accordance with where meetings usually take place.
● Invest in training – don’t settle for user manuals from the manufacturer, training should be delivered in various  formats and media.
● Combine your training with real-business use cases to show your employees how your existing tool can help them in their daily tasks.
● Use a constant support team by a certified local vendor to provide employees with    constant access to problem shooting.
● Get Management to set a role.
● Don’t Rely on IT alone – assign a project manager.

3. Integrate a new collaboration tool – the smart way

Here are tips on picking a new collaboration tool for your organization:

● Focus on the challenge, not on the technology.
● Define goals based on organization’s workflow.
● Don’t fall in love with the technology – instead, pick a tool that employees will love.
● Check level of cyber security.
● Ensure smooth IT integration.
● Implement a tool that offers seamless mobile experience
● Pick a scalable solution.

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