What are the Best Headsets for Conference Calls?

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Here are the must-have features you should be looking for

So you’ve got your web collaboration software going, that’s great! Now your users will be able to comfortably access the conference call, wherever they are, swapping ideas and making some big decisions together. But there’s one more thing to consider before your next conference, and that is – choosing your team the best headsets for the task.

It seems like a small, insignificant step, right? Everyone has their mobile earphones or those simple music ones you can buy at any local vendor’s operator. But this final detail in making your conference experiences efficient and easy to use, is vital. Earphones designed for music audio or mobile phone earphones do not support a stereo sound quality with necessary voice canceling features and other important requirements to make the conference call seamless for all participants.

So, how do you know which headsets are the best for conference calls?

Here are a few must-have features the best 2018 headsets just have to include:

1. Sound quality

Unsurprisingly, clear audio is a top requirement for a conference call headset, which immediately puts world-class headset brands such as Jabra and VXI at the top of your list.

2. Comfort

Now, if your team is in constant communication with vendors, customers, prospects, or colleagues – then putting on a comfortable headset is not a sheer luxury- it is a necessity. Just like a comfortable chair or a quality desk, if these headsets are to be used for a few hours daily, they need to be lightweight, easy to use and comfortably placed on the head for long usability and comfort.

3. Wireless

Not every user needs a wireless headset, but teams that are in ongoing communication throughout their day should be able to participate in conference calls while not being constantly limited by wires. This is especially relevant when considering conference calls are increasingly being made from outside the office, using smartphones. The wireless feature enables that freedom of engaging fully in a conference call, even while on the move.

4. Microphone quality & noise cancellation

When clear audio doesn’t come through, nothing else matters – not the quality of the video, nor how important the discussion is – when you can’t hear what the other person is saying, then what’s the point of everything else? The best headsets for your team should have a quality noise canceling microphone technology to eliminate background noise and disturbances and convey your voice clearly and consistently throughout the conference.

So, right after gearing up your company with the right web collaboration software, make sure you get your teams the headsets they need to actually participate fully and seamlessly in your upcoming conferences. And to avoid any pitfalls, just make sure you’re using well-known brands such as Jabra or VXI, designed for durability, comfort and audio quality. After all, everyone should be heard loud and clear. Otherwise, what’s the point of a multi-participant conference, right?

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