Nureva Dual HDL300


Professional Audio Conferencing for Large Spaces

Ideal and budget-friendly for large spaces, Nureva Dual HDL300 is an advanced audio conferencing system.
The Nureva Dual HDL300 system provides exceptional pickup in large spaces up to 30′ x 50′ (9.1 x 15.2 m), with two wall-mountable integrated microphone and speaker bars. This highly professional solution delivers full audio coverage that allows everyone to be heard – even participants sitting in distant corners.

Apart from its discreet and aesthetic design, the system delivers exceptional audio performance, freeing you from the need to deploy intrusive and costly arrays of microphones, speakers and amplifiers across the entire room.

Nureva HDL300 is based on the revolutionary patented Microphone Mist Technology. The Microphone Mist Technology fills the space with thousands of highly powerful virtual microphones, allowing each virtual microphone to zero in on the dominant sounds, making them exceptionally clear and crisp – regardless of where meeting participants move around the space.

Nureva Dual HDL300 Product Sheet


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