Zoom Webinar Tutorial

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Zoom Webinar Tutorial - Find Out More About Webinars on Zoom

This Zoom webinar tutorial was made for users to learn how to host large-scale online events for multiple needs – simply, securely, and efficiently.

Zoom Webinars – Step by Step

What’s the difference between a Meeting and a Webinar?

Zoom has two main options. The first and more common one is Meeting: all participants are active and have video and microphone access. The second one is Webinar, an option made for large-scale meetings where most participants remain viewers only.

Zoom Webinar Tutorial in Full – How to Start

Users who have webinar license should first log on to Zoom website with their email and password, and choose the Webinar option on the menu.  In case you don’t have access, contact your organization’s Zoom admin. There are several Zoom Webinar plans, and the prices vary according to the maximal number of attendees.

Click on Schedule Webinar and fill in the details:

  • General info: title, description, time, duration etc.
  • Recurring webinar.
  • Registration required: an option that demands attendees to sign up to the webinar in advance. This option makes pre-event tracking much easier.
  • Q & A settings: hosts can activate the Q & A option.
  • Practice session: a session where hosts and panelists cat practice right before activating the webinar, check cameras and microphone and officially start the webinar right after.
  • Automatic recording: after the webinar, hosts can have access to a local or cloud-based recording, edit it and send it away.
  • Require attendees to authenticate to join
  • Adding co-hosts.
  • Adding interpreters.