This is our story

Empowering Organizations with Advanced Video Conferencing

Who we are

Naotech is Israel’s leading provider of integrated video conferencing solutions, boasting over 17 years of expertise. Our collaboration infrastructures have been implemented within companies across the U.S., Europe, Asia and Australia, with top-of-the-line conferencing solutions, tailor-made to fit every one of our hundreds of customers across multiple industries.

What we do

Understanding that each organization has its own unique culture, at Naotech we tailor an end-to-end solution comprising of the optimal software-hardware combination. We do so by meticulously exploring the entire variety of workflows conducted by the different teams. Our solutions are led by a team of unparalleled experts in the field of video conferencing, with over 17 years of experience, and rely on the finest and most cutting-edge technology. And to top it all off…
Our clients enjoy continuous support for both end-users and IT admins.

Our mission

For us, bringing you industry leading technology solutions is not enough – we aim to improve your organizational workflow and communication, by tailoring a unique suite of software and hardware solutions that meets your strategic goals in the long run.

In short?

Our mission is to promote – together with you – the company’s prosperity. We’re in it for the love of technology, and for the passion to transform your organizational workflows into a seamless success.

naotech experience labs
Don't just imagine, try it out!

When it comes to finding the right communication solutions for your organization’s unique set of needs and challenges, you want to make an informed decision.
Naotech Zoom Experience Center is equipped with the latest hardware and software covering a wide range of communication workflows, allowing you to get a first-hand experience of the most advanced audio/video solutions from the world’s leading brands – all in a single place.
 Having tried the various options for yourself, you can avoid post-deployment surprises and rest assured you made the right choice.