Accessibility Statement

Naotech Communication Group places great importance on creating an accessible website for individuals with special needs. We have invested vast resources in making our website accessible, in order to provide a more accessible service for people with disabilities, as we understand that an accessible website improves its ease-of-usage and allows individuals with disabilities to access its diverse content and benefit from a positive browsing experience.   

The Use of Website Accessibility Software – AccessiBe

This website operates with AccessiBe’s accessibility software, which allows it to implement the recommendations listed on the WCAG2.1 document as written by W3C, to the ADA level. The following are some of the actions performed throughout the website’s accessibility project: 

Font Compatibility:

Font size change

Font color change

Change in alignment

Text size increase

Readable font

Change of scale

Change of height


Bold links 

Bold headlines

Color Compatibility

◄  Dark Mode

◄  Light Mode

◄  Monochrome

Opposite Color

High Contrast

High Saturation

Background and Text Change

Navigation Compatibility

Animations pause

Sound mute

Photo masking

Compatibility with screen reader

Keyboard navigation

Letter navigation

Mouse-over accentuation

Focus accentuation


Despite our efforts to make all of our website’s content and webpages accessible, there may be content that has yet to have been made accessible. We are making a continuous effort to improve the website’s accessibility in the optimal fashion. We are guided by a moral obligation to allow the entire public, including individuals with disabilities, who constitute approx. 20% of Israel’s population, to browse with maximum comfort. If you have encountered a problem or have a comment or question regarding accessibility, please contact us at [email protected]