Remote Learning – The Beginning of a Revolution

Join the global trend and provide your students an accessible, technological learning experience

Remote learning is part of most students’ lives, and students are not the only ones who benefit from it. The trend of combining remote learning (or E-learning) classes in traditional curriculums has become more and more prominent in recent years, regardless of global pandemics. And then COVID-19 came along.

COVID-19 changed the world in so many aspects. Work norms that we all took for granted in the pre-COVID world, like on-prem meetings, are no longer mandatory. We all know how convenient, accessible, and time-saving online meetings are. So why can’t we do the same at the Israeli Academia?

Remote Learning - The Perfect Solution for the Israeli Student

Thanks to remote learning, busy Israeli students can attend classes more easily than ever. In many cases, classes are not arranged back-to-back in students’ curriculums. Quite the opposite. In many cases, students need to attend a single class a day, which makes skipping class sound like an attractive idea. Remote learning – or hybrid learning – solves that issue. students don’t need to spend hours on the road to attend a single, 90-minute class, as the majority of students live off campus and not in college dorms. Instead, they just need to join class at the comfort of their homes. Remote learning solves another major issue for Israeli students: this time-saving solution means that they get to spend more time at work, as most Israeli students support themselves financially and need to make a living and keep up with their studies simultaneously.

In short, remote learning is the ideal solution for Israeli students. It saves precious time for students who need to juggle class and work. Also, it allows students to stay in their comfort zone. For students who feel more productive and concentrated at home, it is the perfect solution that allows them to make the most out of every class, no less. 

Remote and hybrid learning is much more than a temporary solution for the COVID era. Its potential is endless.

Don’t Stay Behind

Lecturers, on their part, need to get crafty and to step up their game. Now is the time to combine new teaching techniques that encourage high engagement levels. Either way, it’s achievable – it just takes a little practice. In other words, remote learning has its challenges, but it also opens up many opportunities. It can actually bring about a new era in education: remote learning technologies make education more accessible than ever for everyone, regardless of external factors such as distance or level of availability.

The Revolution Is Here. Feel Free to Join In

Education in Israel and all over the world becomes hybrid, which means that it combines on-site classes and remote classes, that students can join in their spare time, wherever they are. Every method (online and on-site) has its own advantages, and every method develops a different skillset. The combination between the two methods creates a holistic and diverse studying experience. The hybrid methods allow students to enjoy the best of both worlds, if you will.

To achieve the most out of remote learning, one should be minded to its challenges, especially the technical ones, that nowadays have revolutionary, ROI-oriented solutions.

Would you like to be a part of the revolution and to provide your students with the best solutions? It’s time to bring technology to class. Naotech’s video conference solutions are here for you.

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