Naotech Zoom 360

Budget-friendly packages that include Naotech's support & hardware solution

A special offer for leasing-based Zoom meeting spaces

In order to turn your meeting room into a state-of-the-art collaboration space, you need a hardware solution, a high-quality software, and a personalized service that fits your needs. Naotech offers you a full room cover, made for a perfect harmony, and a worry-free daily use.

Naotech Zoom 360 includes a comprehensive support in Hebrew, specially designed for the Israeli client, and a carefully-chosen collaboration device

In other words – you’re covered in every sense of the word

Why Naotech Zoom 360?

Remarkable Support & Service package: Naotech is a top video conferencing solution provider since 2004, and Zoom Israeli partner since 2015. In order to meet Zoom’s high standards, the Naotech team is required to complete qualifications and trainings on a regular basis. As a result, Naotech clients get an industry-leading service, fully adjusted to the Israeli market

A variety of custom-made packages, based on the size of the room, the budget, and the particular organizational needs

All in one video collaboration device, carefully chosen by Naotech’s experienced team, for a time-saving, end-user friendly hybrid workflow. The devices also fit an array of options such as digital signage, virtual receptionist, room reservations, hot desking, work booths, huddle rooms, and meeting rooms

Scalable, flexible solution for organization of all sizes: extra rooms can be easily added upon demand

Cost-effective solution: no large initial investment required! Low upfront costs, quarterly/yearly, predictable fees

Finding The Ideal Room for You

Small Room Solution: perfect for small meeting spaces, huddle rooms, and personal use

Medium-sized Room Solution

Large Room Solution

One year commitment is mandatory  •  Installation and implementation – one-time fee  •  Not including Zoom licenses (can be purchased separately)  •  Naotech clients – clients with an active Zoom licensing program