Video Conferencing – FAQ

Are you ready to move your organization forward with reliable, secure, and affordable video conference services? 

You have come to the right place. At Naotech, we will be happy to help with expert consultation and guidance, every step of the way. Modern organizational culture, which is often centered around remote teams, requires the use of video communication to enable frequent meetings with team members that are working from distant locations. When choosing your video conference service, it is important to consider numerous factors, such as information security, integration with existing infrastructures, and current team workflows. Here are our answers to some frequently asked questions. 

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What equipment is required for video conferencing?

Thanks to recent technological developments, video conferencing is easier to operate than ever before – even for those without a technical background. The different components (Zoom license, computer, camera, speaker, microphone) are all very user-friendly, which means that after the initial installment – which is usually performed by a professional – you’ll be able to video conference without any technical assistance.

Additionally, the market is filled with All-In-One solutions that save the hassle of buying every component separately. The price is usually more cost-effective for the organization, and provides a simultaneous response to all of its needs – including an initial one-time component installation.

Equipment purchased especially for video conferencing needs will help make every meeting more professional, interesting, interactive and effective. Video and audio enhancing equipment will allow participants to move freely in the room and seamlessly conduct meetings, classes and events, without worrying about bugs or malfunctions.

Does Zoom have a solution for video conferencing in meeting rooms?

Zoom has a specific solution for video conferencing in meeting rooms, which is called Zoom Rooms. This is a software solution that allows users to begin every meeting at the click of a button, coordinate between different systems and rooms in the organization and share data from different devices – all from a single, user-friendly platform.

Zoom Rooms are ideal for organizations of all sizes, as they are designed for scalability and deployment in a large number of meeting rooms. In addition, Zoom Rooms help create a seamless workflow process that makes the organization more effective – even with no next-room IT support.

What is the difference between Zoom and other video conference solutions, such as Microsoft Teams?

As opposed to Microsoft, which specializes in many software and technologies, Zoom is a video-first, best-of-breed platform that provides an easy, comfortable and seamless experience. In addition, Microsoft Teams’ list of features is relatively scarce in comparison to Zoom.

Zoom is the most secure video conference platform that exists today. When choosing a video conferencing platform, information security is a major concern. Zoom has always made information security a top priority – and this has only increased since the company’s meteoric rise in popularity at the start of 2020.

Zoom is the only platform to provide end-to-end encryption, which acts as an important protective layer against hackers.

As opposed to Microsoft Teams, which is designed mainly for internal organization purposes, Zoom’s advanced security features are ideal for organizations that work with external suppliers.

Zoom has a wide range of features that dramatically increase security for online business meetings. These features include a unique Meeting ID, unique meeting passwords and waiting rooms – all of which are designed to deter unwanted guests from your business meetings, and to ensure maximum security.

What else can I do to protect the sensitive information that is transferred via Zoom?

Organizations can choose to use an on-premise server, which is a new server that is dedicated to the Zoom platform. This server hosts some of the meeting data: recordings, video, audio and more, and does not export them to the cloud. In other words, the on-premise server provides an internal solution for organizations that are extra careful when it comes to information security.

The video and audio data transfer takes place locally, thus ensuring that data does not leave the organization’s servers. Also, it optimizes bandwidth consumption to the outside world.

Each Multimedia Router server supports up to 200 concurrent participants. Recording Connector will allow users to have meetings recorded internally. Virtual Room Connector will support adding H.323 devices to your meetings.  

How much does video conferencing equipment cost?

The cost range can be pretty wide, and depends on the size of the meeting room, the number of people that it is meant to host, and the quality of the purchased equipment. To optimize our price quote, our team would love to discuss your needs with you, provide expert consultation and supply you with professional, state-of-the-art and up-to-date equipment. We can also provide you with guidance after you have purchased the desired product, help you integrate it into your work environment and walk you through the basic steps. We’ll always provide top-quality service.

Why purchase Zoom licenses via Naotech?

At Naotech, we provide you with multiple advantages when you purchase Zoom licenses through us. First of all, our clients enjoy comprehensive video conferencing service that helps both end users and IT managers. Our services are managed by a personal client manager and a personal support representative, who will respond to every issue or question raised by the organization. This addresses the need of every organization that uses video conferencing to rely on a professional partner that can immediately answer technical questions in Hebrew or English.

We create a unique service package for every organization, which is very cost-effective and includes all the tools it needs to succeed. After purchasing the package, Naotech’s support team will ensure a smooth integration between users and the different meeting rooms, in order to resolve any issues that may arise.