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Delivering happiness with
The best video platform for organizations

Delivering happiness with Zoom
The best video platform for organizations

The long-standing partnership between Naotech and Zoom, that started in 2015, promises you a collaboration experience you’ll find nowhere else.

Zoom’s video-based ecosystem offers an intuitive and simple interface for a daily use, a variety of security features, and a full cover for every organizational need including video meetings, chat, webinars, meeting rooms, large-scale events, and telephony. Naotech’s team is Israel’s top Zoom experts, thanks to years of experience, multiple qualifications that meet Zoom’s high standards, and a daily connection with Zoom’s team abroad.

Naotech clients get a CSM who accompanies them throughout implementation, configurations, deployment, and answering every daily need in Hebrew or English, in accordance with the Israeli business hours and days, as well as Israeli mentality.

Naotech's Zoom Services:

Zoom Meetings

Video-first platform, designed for a secure and easy daily use

Zoom Rooms
Video platform specially designed for meeting rooms, that allows starting and managing hybrid meetings in one click

Zoom Webinars
Easy to use online events and seminars

Zoom Phone

Cloud-based telephony that allows centralized management, effective call routing, call-to-video transfer in one click, and a secure use from everywhere

The Feedbacks From Our Clients Speak for Themselves

Industry-Leading Service & Support – 95% Client Satisfaction Rate!

Now that hybrid and remote work are part of every organization’s routine, full service and support are essential. Unparalleled, comprehensive service, both for software and for hardware solutions, are Naotech’s #1 specialty. Naotech’s service was built especially for the Israeli market: fully adjusted to local business days and hours, as well as the Israeli mentality that requires eye-level, whole-hearted service that walks the extra mile. Naotech’s client get a personal CSM that takes care of their needs.

Naotech specializes in finding out-of-the-box solutions, right from the first call, all the way into the daily use. We raise the bar regularly, learn new helpful skills, and create strategic bonds with top brands – all to create the most personal, high-quality, uncompromised service experience for organizational communication.

Why Naotech?

Why Naotech?

Satisfaction Guaranteed! The Naotech teams promises you a superb collaboration experience

Almost two decades of tailor-made collaboration solutions, service, and support

Best-in-class Zoom knowledge and expertise since 2015

Comprehensive support and service in Hebrew, fully adjusted to the Israeli client

Extraordinary service orientation that leads to long-lasting partnerships with clients

Industry-leading solutions, personally chosen by a skilled team

New: cybersecurity solutions

Corporate responsibility: partnerships with local NGOs and private initiatives made for the community

KnowBe4, the world’s leading cybersecurity training platform, serves over 40,000 global organizations and provides each employee with easy-to-use go-to security tools and knowledge. The platform offers the world’s largest security awareness training library, as well as phishing simulations, all to build a personalized, dynamic and flexible package that helps you tackle cyber threats.

KnowBe4 - A Revolutionary Cybersecurity Training Platform

Your Organization Needs Smart Meeting Rooms

The Naotech team will be happy to offer you an array of Zoom solutions, as well as a custom-made smart meeting room with all the needed equipment, and an outstanding Support package.

Here are some of the benefits of Naotech’s smart meeting rooms:


Efficiency: Naotech’s leading choice is plug & play devices for a reason. DTEN devices are both plug & play and all-in-one, which makes them Naotech’s best-sellers.

Uncompromised support: Naotech’s eye-level, localized, Hebrew-speaking support is irreplaceable.

Personalization: after a thorough inspection by Naotech’s team, you’ll get the most personalized solution for your room.

Technology: it’s only natural to want the most up-to-date solution. Nureva‘s audio systems, for example, use a patent-based technology of virtual microphones. The result is a best-in-class audio coverage.

Flexibility: even if you use another collaboration platform, you’ll still be able to find high-quality hardware solution for your meeting room.

The best look: at Naotech you’ll find the best, most good-looking solution that fits your room design perfectly.

Now is the perfect time to build a flawless smart meeting room. Make the first step and contact us.


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