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Delivering happiness with
פלטפורמת הווידאו קונפרנס המובילה לעסקים

Delivering happiness with Zoom
The best video platform for organizations

The long-standing partnership between Naotech and Zoom, that started in 2015, promises you a collaboration experience you’ll find nowhere else. Zoom’s video-based ecosystem offers an intuitive and simple interface for a daily use, a variety of security features, and a full cover for every organizational need including video meetings, chat, webinars, meeting rooms, large-scale events, and telephony. Naotech’s team is Israel’s top Zoom experts, thanks to years of experience, multiple qualifications that meet Zoom’s high standards, and a daily connection with Zoom’s team abroad.

Naotech clients get a CSM who accompanies them throughout implementation, configurations, deployment, and answering every daily need in Hebrew or English, in accordance with the Israeli business hours and days, as well as Israeli mentality.

Naotech's Zoom Services:

Zoom Meetings

Video-first platform, designed for a secure and easy daily use

Zoom Rooms
Video platform specially designed for meeting rooms, that allows starting and
managing hybrid meetings in one click

Zoom Webinars
Easy to use online events and seminars

Zoom Phone

Cloud-based telephony that allows centralized management, effective call
routing, call-to-video transfer in one click, and a secure use from everywhere

The Feedbacks From Our Clients Speak for Themselves


Being the venue of the organization’s most important discussions, meeting rooms are where the company’s most crucial decisions are being made. At Naotech, we believe that any organization’s meeting room should provide its team members with all the tools required for frictionless communication, allowing for highly productive ideation and brainstorming sessions. Our aim is to enhance your teams’ capabilities, and ultimately increase your overall output.

Smart meeting rooms that support video conferencing are essentially based on a multitude of software and hardware combinations. This wide spectrum of possibilities naturally overwhelms many organizations, making it hard for decision makers to figure out which solution would best fit their present and future needs. Too often, organizations settle for limited communication solutions that are holding them back from unlocking the full potential hidden in their resources.

Tailoring meeting room technology to meet the needs and strategies of the organization is a matter of paramount importance – and this is exactly our specialty at Naotech.


In recent years, the demand for advanced meeting room technology has dramatically increased. Very often, organizations invest a fortune on high-end equipment, only to find themselves at their wit’s end: since each device has its own separate UI, meeting room workflows are non-intuitive to the point of frustration, and the costly technology is a barrier rather than a bridge. In other cases, the finest equipment shortly becomes obsolete due to technological disruption.
At Naotech we believe that technology is all about peace of mind. Our aim is to enable frictionless collaboration through a consistent and intuitive video conferencing experience that includes first-class audio-video quality and exceptional ease of use.



Video conference

Webinars and Online Events

All Hand Meetings


Sound Systems

Video Conference Systems

Meeting Room Acoustics Solutions


Tailor Made Solutions

Continuous Technical Service & Support

Workflow Optimization

We consider objectively and neutrally what’s best for YOUR organization at any given moment. Representing all the industry’s leading brands, we have comprehensive knowledge of the various solutions. This allows us to match each client with the best-fitting solution, without being brand-biased.

We provide

continuous and immediate support, including remote support, for both end-users and IT admins, walking you through every step of the way, from choosing the right meeting room equipment through deployment, configuration and implementation, up until tutorials, updates and upgrades – all to ensure you enjoy uninterrupted workflow.

We make sure you enjoy seamless integration between users and meeting rooms, covering the entire A-to-Z process involved in video conferencing rather than addressing specific or sporadic video conference issues.

We have a highly experienced and specialized Customer Success Team, providing you with a

single point of contact for all your collaboration needs, present and future.


As a Naotech client, you can rest assured knowing that your collaboration tools are always at the forefront of technology, and that both IT admins and end-users make the most of them in a way fully uninhibited.



Your Organization Needs Smart Meeting Rooms

The best way to go hybrid is by setting up a smart meeting room that works for you. That’s where we step in. The Naotech team will be happy to offer you an array of Zoom solutions, as well as a custom-made smart meeting room with all the needed equipment, and an outstanding Support package.

Here are some of the benefits of Naotech’s smart meeting rooms:

  1. Efficiency: Naotech’s leading choice is plug & play devices for a reason, as they take minutes to deploy and offer a powerful solution. Also, Naotech’s go-to choice is all-in-one solution that save time and effort. DTEN devices are both plug & play and all-in-one, which makes them – and DTEN D7 in particular – Naotech’s best-sellers.
  2. Uncompromised support: Naotech’s eye-level, localized, Hebrew-speaking support is irreplaceable.
  3. Personalization: after an adjusted calculation, and if necessary, also consolation with manufacturers abroad and a preliminary visit, you’ll get the most personalized solution for your room.
  4. Technology: it’s only natural to want the most up-to-date solution. Nureva‘s audio systems, for example, use a patent-based technology of virtual microphones. The result is a best-in-class audio coverage.
  5. Flexibility: even if you use another collaboration platform like Microsoft Teams, you’ll still be able to find high-quality hardware solution for your meeting room.
  6. The Best Look: at Naotech you’ll find the best, most good-looking solution that fits your room design perfectly.

Now is the perfect time to build a flawless smart meeting room. Make the first step and contact us.

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