Cloudify and Gigaspace are two IT enablers stemming from the same company. These two companies work with outsourced services and communicate with customers and employees from New-York, California, Ukraine, Poland, Netherlands, and Spain.

About Cloudify

Cloudify is an open source, TOSCA-based, award-winning cloud orchestration platform, built on orchestration-first, and model-driven principles. Cloudify is revolutionizing the way modern IT can be delivered, by getting IT and developers working together on a single platform, managing and automating the entire application lifecycle, from start to finish.

About Gigaspace

GigaSpaces provides the leading in-memory computing platform for fast data analytics and extreme transaction processing. With GigaSpaces InsightEdge Platform and its core engine, XAP, organizations can overcome the complex obstacles of big data and advanced analytics to deliver real-time business impact.

The Challenge

The companies’ global operations required a reliable, seamless web collaboration infrastructure that would allow them to sell their product overseas, both from a technical perspective, as well as from the marketing perspective –

“Collaboration in our organization is a critical enabler. Today, sales reps don’t need to leave their offices to close a deal; they do it online. So collaboration tools are not a matter of commodity, where we come from they are a matter of great necessity. Our web communication solutions, from presentations to video conferencing and screen sharing, everything should work seamlessly and without any disruptions. Otherwise, it could cause great discomfort and actively affect our customer service and relations.”

Another critical need was to communicate easily and without disrupting the workflow across the different countries and time-zones –

“Our global company split into two global companies. Now we have people working in New York, California and all the way to Europe. We have to be able to work together and overcome the time gaps.”

And last, but not least, working with multiple platforms such as Linux and Android, these companies were looking for one unified platform that would meet all demands, and eliminated the need to use many collaboration tools for each purpose –

“Our employees used to work with all kinds of different web collaboration tools, and the communication infrastructure in the organization was a mess. Being in charge of the IT budget in a private company with investors, I needed to show cost-efficiency, so we needed to change something, fast.”

So, They Turned to Naotech

Gigaspace and Cloudify first turned to Naotech in search of a camera to work with their Webex solution. The companies had also heard of Zoom, and once they realized Naotech is Zoom’s exclusive reseller in Israel, it didn’t take long before Naotech had become their preferred provider.

But changing organizational habits is a difficult task as it is, and changing the organization’s communication platforms is even a harder one. As a consequence, implementing Zoom across the organization required a gradual process.

The Value

The solution was thus gradually implemented until it was fully deployed by every employee across the two global companies. Naotech had orchestrated this entire deployment project, providing continuous support and offering guidance through every stage.

The result is one unified platform to manage all collaboration purposes across both organizations, making it easy to communicate overseas, both internally, and with potential customers.

“The greatest improvement is watching everything work pitch-perfect. No disturbances, no multiple deployments to support multiple platforms. Plus, now I can monitor issues in real-time.”

“Naotech has done an incredible job from the beginning. I feel completely safe with them and trust them always to be there when I need them, unlike other vendors. They helped with the company split-up and supported everything from handling the portal to managing the invoices. Now, everything is meticulously organized, and whenever I need help, I just call them up, and they take care of everything.”

“As a service provider, I expect the highest level of service from my vendors. Naotech’s service is the best, and it is the most important factor I consider when working with a service provider.”