SodaStream is the largest manufacturer and supplier of sparkling water makers in the world.  With the goal of reducing plastic waste while providing their customers with their favorite drinks, SodaStream runs hundreds of sites in 45 countries, with employees, sales teams, customers, and partners.

The Challenge

SodaStream used a video conferencing solution that wasn’t able to support the dynamic global environment that characterized the company’s workflow and organizational culture in recent years. The solution did not provide a quality experience, both technically and because it lacked some basic and required functionalities.

“As part of our strategy, we wanted to reach better conference performance to help us unify our organization. We needed to improve our communications in order to create a stronger sense of collaboration within the company and looked for the right tool to help us achieve that.”

One of the main challenges the company faced was finding a solution that would be easy and flexible enough to adjust to the company’s dynamic workflows and different platforms already in use. They needed the new solution to allow them to communicate from video huddle rooms, as well as from personal laptops and mobile phones, while integrating seamlessly with existing conference and collaboration infrastructure.

“We considered Zoom as an option, and that’s how we reached Naotech.”

So, They Turned to Naotech

As soon as SodaStream turned to Naotech as Zoom’s certified partner in Israel, Naotech provided the company with all of the relevant information about the product, including a live demo as well as a visit to other customers using the same product.

From that moment on, Naotech’s success managers accompanied the entire deployment process. From technical support, through integrating the software to the company’s domain, setting up hundreds of user accounts, to employee training and instruction manuals – Naotech made sure the deployment process was done professionally and seamlessly through every step of the way.

“Naotech’s commitment to the seamless integration of Zoom with the company’s unique workflow was a game-changer for us, and that was ultimately what sealed the deal.”

The entire implementation process, from setup to deployment, including hundreds of licensed users and conference room accounts across 22 countries, was done within 1 month.

The Value

Today, eight months after deployment, with adoption rates across the organization still growing exponentially (as viewed in Zoom’s analytics tool), SodaStream has managed to unify communications across different platforms and time-zones with great success.

“Our collaboration with Naotech was priceless; we wanted to get as many users as we could to adopt Zoom as their main conferencing and collaboration tool, and this goal was met with the help of an extremely dedicated team at Naotech’s success management department.”