All-in-One Collaboration Solutions for Zoom & Microsoft Teams

Naotech + DTEN

DTEN is a leading provider of innovative collaboration solutions, specializing in intelligent, all-in-one video collaboration devices designed to enhance communication and productivity for organizations of all sizes. Established in 2015 in collaboration with Zoom, DTEN has rapidly grown into a trusted industry leader, serving a diverse clientele worldwide. Just like Naotech, DTEN is easy to integrate with Zoom, but also supports a variety of other common collaboration platforms

DTEN Products

DTEN offers a range of innovative collaboration solutions that cover several needs in one device, including touch displays, audio solutions, and cameras, designed to enhance productivity and connectivity in modern workplaces.

DTEN Products

Meet DTEN, Naotech's Best-Seller

DTEN offers comprehensive collaborative technology solutions tailored to enhance remote workflow, designed to facilitate seamless virtual communication and collaboration among teams.

DTEN devices offer 360-degree cover, aimed to optimize productivity and engagement in remote work environments.