Naotech Webinar – What’s New at Zoom – November 2022

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What is this webinar about?

How does a Zoom-based workspace look like in action?

What is the meaning of Zoom’s transition from a video platform to a full cloud-based organizational communication ecosystem?

What makes DTEN’s hardware solutions Naotech’s best-sellers?

Watch the webinar What’s New at Zoom and find all the answers.

Webinar Summary

  1. Zoom’s transition from a video-based platform to a full ecosystem with a variety of products and tools for organizational communication: Zoom Phone, a cloud-based telephony solution, Zoom IQ, an AI-based solution for Sales team analytics and management, Zoom Contact Center, a video-based solution for customer service, an effective chat, and more.
  2. The benefits of Zoom and DTEN’s collaboration that resulted in Naotech’s best-selling hardware devices.
  3. The full hybrid workflow in action: during a special demo from Zoom’s headquarters in Amsterdam we presented the daily workflow of a Zoom-based organization. Right from the reception visitors and employees can talk to a virtual receptionist, book a workstation using Workspace Reservation, and have an instant hybrid meeting thanks to an advanced all-in-one solution that includes a camera, speakers, microphone, a screen, and a full software coverage.
  4. The benefits of DTEN GO & Mate.