Naotech Webinar – What’s New at Zoom – September 2022

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What is this webinar about?

How to use Zoom’s chat?

What are the benefits of having a chat that’s part of a full communication ecosystem?

What are the capabilities of Zoom Rooms, Zoom’s solution for hybrid workspaces?

How can Zoom IQ, Zoom’s conversation intelligence-based solution, assist sales teams?

Watch the webinar What’s New at Zoom and find all the answers.

Webinar Summary

  1. Zoom Team Chat’s most notable benefits: Zoom’s instant messaging platform that integrates with the rest of Zoom’s ecosystem. In the useful chat tool you’ll find dozens of advanced features that keep getting better. Zoom Team Chat allows users to start meetings and phone calls instantly, synchronize with tools like Zoom Whiteboard, send content, edit messages after sending them, Mio interoperability, and more.
  2. Workspace Reservation, a tool that allows reserving workspaces and meeting rooms.
  3. How to use Zoom Rooms, Zoom’s platform for hybrid workspaces that allows users to start hybrid meeting with ease, share content wirelessly, and more. This solution allows a quick deployment for rooms with hardware solutions.
  4. Zoom IQ, a conversation intelligence-based platform, ideal for monitoring and analyzing Sales teams’ activities. Using voice tone analytics, facial expressions, and body language during Sales meetings, it provides useful data and recommendations for Sales team leaders.
  5. Naotech Zoom 360, leasing-based packages that include hardware solutions and uncompromising support and service.