During the COVID pandemic, thousands of organizations in Israel were forced to provide remote services – especially healthcare organizations who were on the front lines of the fight against the Coronavirus. 2020 was a year filled with quarantines and social distancing. This was also the year Maccabi Healthcare’s Multimedia Department realized that Zoom is the ideal remote patient service platform and internal video conferencing solution.

Maccabi Healthcare Services

Maccabi Healthcare Services was founded in 1940 and is one of Israel’s four Healthcare Organizations (Kupot Holim). Maccabi serves 2.5 million members throughout Israel, who receive a wide range of medical services. Maccabi employees 9,000 employees. 

The Challenge

Maccabi’s collaboration team, which focuses on server and video conference maintenance and support, expressed interest in improving the organization’s vast internal and external communication operations. The COVID pandemic expediated this need, and encouraged the organization to search for a provider that could help locate the appropriate solutions.

"The Coronavirus changed a lot of people's perceptions. Before the pandemic, video conferencing was frowned upon. 'Why not face-to-face? "Why shouldn't I see the doctor? Why connect remotely?' were the most common remarks. COVID-19 showed everyone that using Zoom or any other video platform is easy. And Zoom is the easiest. After COVID, people became accustomed to simplicity".

Maccabi Healthcare Services recognized the need to integrate with the organization’s existing collaboration platform, and to connect their meeting rooms to an Exchange server, so that any employee could secure a meeting room via an online calendar and create a connection at the touch of a button. In addition, Maccabi sought a qualified provider who could facilitate the meeting room establishment and management process, based on the organization’s unique needs.

So, Maccabi Contacted Naotech…

Naotech helped Maccabi’s collaboration team implement the Zoom platform throughout all organizational tiers. Since this process is relatively complicated, a decision was made to conduct a weekly meeting with Naotech’s support team. These meetings continue to this day, long after the implementation process has been completed.

"We received support throughout the entire process. Naotech's staff was very professional, and they made sure that we receive great service. This is what working with Naotech was all about – they made sure that we receive great service. Naotech understood the importance of Maccabi Healthcare Services during the COVID pandemic, and did their best to make sure that we can provide our members with faster and better services".

The Value

The infrastructures that were developed during the pandemic continue to be of great service to Maccabi, and are fully compatible with the organizations’ DNA and Israeli mentality. Maccabi’s collaboration team was supported by Naotech throughout the implementation stage, and continues to benefit from Naotech’s trademark guidance to this day. Maccabi views Naotech as a full-fledged partner, and its collaboration team can always trust Naotech to support its Zoom-based operations in a quick and courteous manner. 

"Maybe it's the common language, or the fact that we talk on a daily basis, but Naotech was able to understand our organizational culture and the way we operate, and was therefore able to make things work in a very serviceable and efficient manner. I conduct WhatsApp conversations with Naotech's support team – and this is something I was never able to do with other suppliers. Things just move quickly and easily".