In today’s post-COVID world, when the need for hybrid meeting hardware products has become more important than ever before, MeMed Diagnostics decided that it was time to enhance its hybrid staff meetings with a high-quality, effective audio solution.

About MeMed Diagnostics

MeMed Diagnostics, a fast-growing company, manufactures medical equipment that rely on AI and other advanced technologies to examine the immune system.

By quickly identifying if an infection is caused by bacteria or a virus, MeMed’s FDA-approved test is meant to reduce the use of antibiotics.

The Challenge

MeMed’s IT team was seeking a comprehensive audio solution for the company’s shared office space, which is used, among other things, for multi-participant meetings. The large space (80 square meters) has glass walls and unique architecture, which present an acoustic challenge.

So, Naotech Stepped In…

In fact, Naotech was present on the scene much earlier. Naotech helped MeMed deploy Zoom solutions throughout the organization, and its IT team enjoys professional support. Doron Cohen, a Naotech Account Manager, offered MeMed’s IT staff the Nureva Dual HDL300, one of Naotech’s most prominent audio solutions, because of its adaptability to large spaces. This solution is based on patented Microphone Mist technology, which fills designated spaces with thousands of virtual microphones that ensure that every participant enjoys clean, top-level audio – including users that connect to meetings remotely. As its name suggests, this dual system comes with twin HDL300 units that work in harmony.

The IT team was interested in an audio solution that could fit the unique specifications of MeMed’s open space, so that dramatic modifications could be spared. During the planning stage, we found out that the system could not be installed on the wall, as is accomplished in most cases. Naotech’s team exhibited its trademark ingenuity and offered an unusual alternative – two installations that descend from the ceiling and firmly clasp the twin systems. And that’s exactly what happened.  

The Naotech team found us a winning solution in every sense of the word. The system is top-notch, and its unique installation was tailor-made for our needs

Nureva Dual HDL300

The Value

Naotech’s team (as well as Nureva’s team that stepped in) did not hesitate to find an out-of-box solution, and helped solve any dilemmas experienced throughout the purchasing and installation stages. The installation took place as planned and included two installations that were connected to the shared office ceiling. Today, the staff enjoys a high-level audio solution for their Zoom meetings, in accordance with the characteristics of the space they share.

The way that Nureva’s team joined the process cannot be taken for granted. It shows the valuable connection between Nureva and Naotech, that eventually provides end clients with the best solution.

It was a pleasure to work with the Naotech team. They were reliable, dedicated and very professional.