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    How Organizations Collaborate Their Way to Goal Attainment

Collaboration Works!
How Organizations Collaborate Their Way to Goal Attainment

Business goals and objectives are necessary for progress, development, and success. For this reason all organizations – from large enterprises to small businesses – define key goals and do their best to reach them. Even if some goals and objectives are overly ambitious and therefore hard to reach, their mere existence stimulates proactive business activity.

The Road to Goal Attainment

Some say that defining business goals is the easy part, and that the hard part is actual goal attainment. That’s not entirely accurate. Goal definition is a strategic process that can be very complex. While goal attainment does require a massive team effort, there are ways for process simplification.

In order to achieve business goals, organizations usually rely on a number of factors. Qualified personnel play a major part in organizational success, both at the executive and employee level. The same goes for business strategy, which includes product, service, and market development. Effective sales and marketing greatly influence business results as well. Yet, another major factor in increased goal attainment is organizational culture. It has long been proven that constructive organizational culture based on open communication, active self-expression, and empowering teamwork can help professional teams and individuals accomplish their goals and experience success.

A Culture of Collaboration

How can organizations create a culture of collaboration? There are various ways, but an investment in collaboration technology is definitely a good place to start. Today’s video conferencing products, smart meeting room tools and workflow solutions make teamwork so much easier – especially for managers and employees based in remote locations.

Collaboration technology helps reinforce constructive communication between organizational parties, and, as a result, provides a huge boost towards achieving important goals. Here are a few examples of how this can be accomplished:

  1. Enhanced communication: goal attainment begins with communication. Yet in today’s global business environment, not all employees work in the same office space. Some are even located in different countries. Smart meeting tools and advanced conferencing solutions facilitate optimal communication between dispersed teams.
  2. Winning brainstorming sessions: corporate success starts with defining the right goals. This can be tricky, and requires professional research and strategic thinking. Therefore, it is highly recommended to brainstorm with as many talented people as possible, both inside and outside the organization. This can be a hard task to execute physically, unless the organization employs cutting-edge video conference tools that facilitate online face-to-face meetings with superior audio-video and sharing capabilities.
  3. Increased team members’ involvement and dedication: in order to achieve corporate goals, they must resonate in the hearts and minds of those chosen to achieve them. With their cutting-edge visual features, collaboration tools are ideal for goal presentation and for broad-based goal agreement. They also afford opportunities for both executives and team members to voice their feedback and share their insights in real-time.
  4. Enhanced visualization: sometimes, in order to connect with an abstract goal or objective, it helps to visualize its manifestation. Today’s collaboration tools are designed for optimal message visualization, which can be shared in a one-on-one video conference meeting, or at a global team get-together in a smart meeting room.
  5. Improved workflow: organized and informed processes increase the chance of achieving business objectives. Collaboration capabilities such as video and audio conferencing, document sharing, and all-hands meetings help team members of all levels see the big picture, complete with participant roles and current progress. This creates better project alignment and optimal collective workflow throughout the entire organization.

Attainment Through Technology

Today, many organizations around the world harness the power of collaboration technology to increase goal attainment success rates. In an environment defined by dynamic markets, non-stop movement and quick adaptation, efficient organizational communication has become a prerequisite, without which organizations might find themselves ill equipped to face the challenges of the digital era. Today’s conferencing and meeting room solutions make what was once considered virtually impossible an everyday reality. They help team members focus on goal attainment together, no matter where they are or which devices they use. And that – in itself – is a tremendous boost in the right direction.

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