The Essence of Being Essential: Naotech During the Pandemic Crisis

The Coronavirus pandemic has caught everyone off-guard. From the smallest businesses to the largest global corporations – everyone had to rethink their business strategies and deal with an uncertain future. The immediate transition to remote video communication was dramatic and challenging for just about everybody.

Like everyone else, Naotech ventured into unknown terrain. As Zoom’s official partner in Israel, we witnessed firsthand how virtual conferencing transitioned from a professional to an essential survival tactic. We were also flooded with requests for effective Zoom solution integration and continuous technical support.

As Israel’s market gradually awakens from a two-month slumber, we attempt to sum up this incredibly intensive period, and provide our readers with a glimpse into our activities during the coronavirus crisis.

We’re Here for Everyone

During March and April, Israel went into lockdown – and our offices resembled a war-room. Businesses were hurting, and we wanted to help. Zoom had become the world’s most famous video conferencing platform almost overnight, and many organizations were relying on its high-level capabilities.

Our goal was to provide optimal support to every organization that asked for our help during the lockdown. We helped many essential enterprises maintain an orderly work routine, including hospitals, universities, and government and public entities.

Our employees gave everything they had – work hours and effort – to sustain the rising demand for Zoom solutions. Our professional team communicated with clients from morning to night, providing courteous and patient technical support to hundreds of businesses every day. After a reassessment of our activities, we recruited additional customer service representatives who began working immediately.

“The support provided by Naotech during the Coronavirus crisis is fully aligned with our professional vision,” says Naotech CEO Olivier Schiffmann. “Naotech’s ongoing goal is to help businesses succeed. At the end of the day, we are all part of the same social fabric. We really do care. We are here for all of Israel’s businesses, organizations and NGOs, because we believe in their major contribution to society. We want to help them get through this difficult time. Our organizational culture is centered around empathy and caring.”

Helping Maintain Israeli Solidarity

The pandemic lockdown coincided with several key Israeli national commemorative dates and events: Passover, Holocaust Remembrance Day, Memorial Day, and Independence Day. On these dates and events, Israelis seek comfort in one another and are accustomed to intimate interactions with families and friends. This year was different. Everyone stayed home and resorted to Zoom communication.

During these important events, our representatives worked around the clock to ensure that Israel’s famous solidarity remains as strong as ever. Thanks to Zoom – and with our help – Israel’s leading social organizations were able to continue to support their respective target audiences.

Here are a few examples: coordination of food deliveries to quarantined senior citizens throughout Israel; Webinars and workshops for discharged soldiers; Virtual meetings during Holocaust Remembrance Day; Online ceremonies and get-togethers that empowered bereaved families on Memorial Day; and a wide range of meaningful activities that truly warmed our heart, and that we were honored to be a part of.

Naotech Says Thank You

We’re all hoping that the worst is behind us. Many people are finally leaving the house, offices are reopening and things are slowly getting back to normal. We want to express our appreciation for Israel’s health, education and civic society organizations. By letting us help you, you have provided us with an opportunity to do good and feel essential. You are the reason for Israel’s solidarity and resilience. Thank you!

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