Zoom-Based All-in-One Collaboration Solution

About DTEN D7

The DTEN D7 is a cutting-edge, all-in-one video conferencing solution designed to enhance collaboration and communication in both remote and in-office environments. Engineered specifically for Zoom Rooms, the DTEN D7 integrates a 55/75″ display, smart cameras, and advanced audio technology to deliver a seamless and lifelike meeting experience. Features such as a 16-microphone array, AI-driven noise suppression, and a touch screen for real-time annotation make the DTEN D7 ideal for fostering interactive and productive virtual meetings across various settings.

The DTEN D7 stands out for its all-in-one design, featuring a 4K touch display, intelligent cameras, and AI-powered audio, specifically optimized for Zoom Rooms to deliver an exceptional and interactive video conferencing experience.

What DTEN D7 Suggests

The DTEN D7 suggests a time-saving solution designed to enhance user experience in Zoom-based organizations through its combination of a 4K touch display, smart 4K HD cameras with 120-degree field of view, and advanced audio technologies. This all-in-one device simplifies setup and improves meeting productivity with features like AI-driven noise reduction and a responsive touch interface, making it ideal for dynamic and collaborative work environments.


Easy Setup

The device offers plug & play connectivity. It can be placed on a wall or on a mount.

Ideal for Zoom Rooms

DTEN is powered by Zoom and the device is preconfigured with Zoom Rooms software.

Intuitive Multi Touch Capabilities

The device offers built-in drawing tools that allow real-time annotations and seamless digital whiteboarding.

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