DTEN D7– The All-in-One System for the Ideal Video Conference Experience


DTEN D7– The All-in-One System for the Ideal Video Conference Experience


The system includes:

4K camera with 120-degree field of view

55"/75" touch screen that can be used as a whiteboard

16 microphone array

Pre-installed Zoom Rooms

AI abilities

Pre-installed Zoom Rooms

AI abilities

16 microphone array

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Step Up Your Game

In a world where video conference is a vital part of work routine, many organizations realize that now is the right time to move forward to comprehensive solutions that include a screen, a high-quality camera, and advanced sound capabilities; mainly, they seek a system that is built for Zoom and also supports Microsoft Teams. DTEN D7 is the answer to all of the above.

Other than the familiar option of hand-picking the different components one by one or relying on existing equipment, today there’s an alternative, widely preferred option: choosing an All-in-One solution that fills all these needs at once. In one technologically advanced, highly aesthetic product you can find all the abilities that will turn your conference room into an ideal, powerful video conference room.

If you’re interested in keeping up with the new business standard of frequent video conference meetings from your conference room, the All-in-One solution is your answer. Simply and efficiently every organization – big and small alike – can enjoy seamless hybrid meetings from any conference room.

The Perfect Video Conference Experience Is Easier Than You Think

Even when you choose a package deal, the standards should be as high as possible. The DTEN Team has carefully chosen every component and every technical ability, so as to allow for the most optimal solution. Naturally, those who purchase DTEN D7 save time and resources. They don’t need to examine each component separately, and of course, the deployment and configuration are done in one visit. It’s a significant advantage for businesses that are interested in avoiding a prolonged period of deployment and in reducing the conference room downtime to a minimum.

DTEN D7 was developed thanks to a fruitful collaboration with Zoom, and comes with Zoom software pre-installed. This system was designed from the very first moment to create a comfortable workflow and to meet the needs of day-to-day conference room work.

DTEN D7 – features and capabilities:

High-quality 4K camera with a fixed lens, 120-degree field of view and an infinite focus. The camera allows the different meeting participants – on-site and remote alike – a true face-to-face experience. 

◄ The AI system adapts to every surrounding and sets the lighting, the camera angle, and the volume according to the activity in the room. With time, the system learns how to optimally adjust itself to the current room conditions, so as to continuously improve its performance.

An array of 16 microphones that can pick up sounds from 9 meters (or 30 feet) away and cover the entire conference room. Thanks to that, it’s possible to enjoy an uncompromised sound quality. Also, thanks to AI ability, the system tracks the meeting participants, even as they move across the room, and focuses on the speaker automatically.

Zoom Rooms Inside

The DTEN D7 system includes an inbound computer that delivers the best Zoom Rooms experience. The pre-installed Zoom Rooms software fits the conference room’s needs perfectly.

Dynamic Versatility

The unit can be wall-mounted; alternatively, it can be moved between rooms by using an AV cart. No need to worry about a prolonged installation process.

Ultra-Responsive Touch Screen

55”/75” LED screen. The ultra-responsive touch screen is perfect for writing and drawing. The system also autocorrects shapes in real time, in case you don’t trust your own drawing skills.


DTEN D7 allows a quick and simple deployment thanks to the plug-and-play mechanism. Simply connect the system and start using it.

Clean Aesthetics

This highly aesthetic system can upgrade the looks of every conference room; it helps you avoid using multiple devices and cables that give the room a cumbersome look.

Flawless Audio

DTEN D7 offers an acoustic echo cancellation and a smart noise reduction system.