Nureva HDL410 for Extra-Large Rooms

The System Includes

The unique, patented Microphone Mist technology that captures audio from the entire room

Two microphone and speaker bars that offer full audio pickup range for larger rooms (up to 180 square meters), ensuring that every participant is heard clearly

Microsoft Teams & Zoom certified

Easy setup and integration with popular video conferencing platforms

Based on multiple sound technologies such as Intelligent Sound Targeting and continuous autocalibration that ensure a distraction-free conversation

Advanced sound processing for exceptional audio quality in meetings and conferences

Voice Amplification Mode: the device integrates with a personal headset and amplifies the speaker's voice, ideal for classes and training centers

Say goodbye to frustrating audio issues and dead corners and hello to the Nureva HDL410, a groundbreaking audio-conferencing system that redefines the way you communicate

Exceptional Audio Quality for Larger Rooms

The Nureva HDL410 offers crystal-clear, natural sound, ensuring every word is heard with unparalleled clarity. Nureva HDL410 is a pro AV system, simplified – no DSP required – advanced processing power is built-in.

It utilizes the revolutionary Microphone Mist™ technology, which places 16,384 virtual microphones in the room, picking up sound from every corner to deliver exceptional audio quality.

This system also eliminates background noise and echoes thanks to an adaptive learning algorithm that ignores noises in advance rather than suppressing them post-processing. The result is a distraction-free environment, perfect for both in-person and virtual meetings.

Easy Installation and Setup

Setting up the Nureva HDL410 is a breeze – plug it in and it just works. No need for weeks of downtime for pricy construction work in the meeting room. Its sleek, compact design allows for quick installation of the two bars on any wall. Once mounted, the system auto-calibrates to the room’s settings and acoustics, saving you valuable time and ensuring optimal performance.

Nureva HDL410

Saves Time and Money

Eliminate the need for time-consuming routine IT support to address audio issues during meetings. The Nureva HDL410’s intelligent technology reduces support calls. It also supports simplified support management: the Nureva Console, a cloud-based platform, allows IT specialists to remotely monitor and manage your HDL410 systems across various locations. This ensures your audio solutions are always up to date and functioning flawlessly.

Seamless Integration

The Nureva HDL410 seamlessly integrates with popular video conferencing platforms like Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and more, ensuring a hassle-free collaboration experience.

It can also be used alongside other Nureva audio systems to create a comprehensive audio solution for larger meeting spaces.

Secure and Private

Nureva prioritizes the security and privacy of your data. Rest easy knowing your audio data is kept secure, compliant with stringent industry standards.

Award-Winning Performance

The Nureva HDL410 has received numerous awards and accolades, reaffirming its industry-leading performance and innovation. It’s trusted by organizations worldwide for their audio conferencing needs.

Camera Switching

The Nureva HDL410 was made to cover larger rooms that often require multiple cameras set in several locations. The cameras zone feature (fully available in December 2023) leverages sound location data using Microphone Mist™ technology to streamline and enhance camera switching with any USB or HDMI camera brand. This addition complements the solution’s existing camera tracking integrations, which are compatible with AVer, Lumens, and Extron cameras.


In conclusion, the Nureva HDL410 is a game-changing audio conferencing system that offers exceptional audio quality, ease of installation, seamless integration, and the flexibility to adapt to your organization’s unique needs. Its ability to enhance collaboration, save time and money, and maintain a high level of security makes it a compelling choice for businesses of all sizes.

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