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The word “Webinar” is a concept that connects the words Web + Seminar. A webinar is a technological solution that allows people to engage with one another online, while combining video, chats and screen and file sharing.

These components have made webinars ideal work tools. They are great as meeting and training tools, because they make it easy to transfer information – just like in a classroom. They allow the host to talk, show examples and allow participants to comment, ask questions and contribute from their own knowledge.

Is a webinar a video conference?

Webinars use video sharing technology, yet they also blend chats and screen shares. Video conferencing, on the other hand, is more about meetings and less about workflow sharing or training. If we examine the majority of video conference calls, we will notice that the participants’ screens take up most of the screen. In a webinar, the screen is usually divided into numerous areas, and the host image is usually very small to non-existent. This is due to the fact that in webinars, the topic at hand is more important than the person speaking.

Who are webinars intended for, and why?

Webinars are clear favorites when it comes to online training sessions, support sessions, joint lectures, presentation sharing and team co-working sessions. As an advanced technological concept, webinars are always innovating and become more cutting-edge. With time, they can be used to accomplish more and more missions.

Choosing a webinar is not enough. There are many webinar vendors out there, and every platform offers different features, such as the number of participants allowed in one session, webinar security options, recording options, archiving options and much more.
Webinar services are cloud-based. This is not software that is installed on company computers. We recommend using the leading webinar platforms, because they offer their clients constant access to new features – which makes a great impression on participants.

The advantages of live webinars are evident long after the session ends

In a world where information sharing is a powerful marketing tool, we are witnessing many organizations both small and large, who upload webinars for audiences who did not attend them when they were broadcast live. Sometimes these webinars remain relevant for long periods of time, which make them a great investment.

Organizations that regularly produce webinars enjoy enhanced crowd recognition, as well as recognition from colleagues. Webinars allow organizations to exhibit their knowledge, update their audiences, share examples of their work and conduct in-depth training. This is a powerful took that can really help forward-thinking enterprises. The initial fear of “being in front of the camera” is quicky replaced by empowering feedback from engaged audiences.

Webinar as an instruction tool

Both large corporations and small start-ups use webinars as an instruction tool. In these webinars, the instructor is located in his or her office, and the participants can be located all over the country, the continent, or even the world. These webinars are highly interactive, and anyone can ask questions. This is why instruction webinars are so effective. Plus, there is no need for flights, long drives, hotels and more. Efficiency is the name of the game.

Entrance fee webinars

Every lecturer in practically every field can use a webinar as an alternative to a classroom lecture. Renting a class space isn’t cheap, and the participants would also prefer staying indoors and avoiding traffic. Webinars allow every participant to enjoy lectures with maximum comfort. Businesses that charge a participation fee can monetize their professional content and reach larger audiences. And if you think that registering for a fee-based webinar is complicated, then we are here to tell you that it’s not. Businesses can personally authorize participants, ask for online payments via PayPal or credit card and even supply audience members with an access code. Simple.

Tips for webinar success

First of all, prepare ahead. Prepare your content as you would if you were giving a lecture in a large event hall. Think of content continuity. Create a theme flow and don’t forget to leave room for questions.

Use a high-quality camera. Remember – your audiences want to view an unpixeled view of the lecturer and his or her presentation. Broadband also plays a key role, but with today’s wide bandwidths for businesses and homes, the camera should be your main focus.

Use a great microphone. It doesn’t matter if you are producing the webinar on your own or with a dedicated team – you need to hear well and be heard even better. A high-definition microphone will enable you to conduct conversations from anywhere in the room, with zero echo. You can also enjoy features such as Full Duplex and seamless simultaneous conversations. Remember – your audiences want to hear you. This is why they signed up.

Don’t forget the background. When you speak, you participants want to concentrate on your voice. This means that you should remove all potential distractions. Try to use a sleek unified background, as well as soft lighting that doesn’t blind the camera. Also, position the camera in a way that compliments you. You are the center of attention, and you need to look your best.

Is it worth investing in a fee-based webinar system? Can a free solution be enough?

The answer depends on your needs, the number of participants and the experience you are trying to convey. Most companies that use a free solution can upgrade to a premium version that costs money and offers advanced tools.  You need to choose your preferred package based on your needs. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes, because most platforms offer an introductory period prior to making a commitment.

From our experience, we can say the platforms that cost money offer:

  • More participants
  • Higher availability and better support times
  • Better security
  • Early registration tools or access registration codes
  • Record and rewatching options
  • A user-friendly connection to the organization’s system
  • The inclusion of telephony tools and computer-less phone options

Naotech – the Webinar Partner for Organizations

Naotech Communication is the most experienced company in Israel to offer a wide range of webinar and audio/video solutions for businesses. We offer optimal compatibility for diverse organizational needs, based on specific requirements. Our clients enjoy high support availability, in both Hebrew and English. Our clients include small and large business, international corporations and government agencies. 

Naotech works closely with the different platforms in the market, and provides solutions for organizations that require uniquely packaged bundles.