Naotech Webinar – What’s New at Zoom – July 2022

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What Is This Webinar About?

How to use cloud telephony?

What are the benefits of Zoom-based telephony?

What makes Zoom Team Chat the best instant messaging tool in the market?

How can Zoom improve Sales and Support teams’ work and make it more measurable an efficient?

Watch the webinar What’s New at Zoom and find all the answers.

Webinar Summary:

  1. Zoom IQ, a video solution for Sales teams based on conversation intelligence, that analyzes the quality of meetings and provides useful data and stats.
  2. Zoom Contact Center, a video solution for customer services.
  3. The integration between Zoom Rooms and Microsoft Teams that allows all users to connect to hybrid meetings instantly.
  4. Zoom Teams Chat’s multiple abilities: Zoom chat tool is a vital part of the platform’s ecosystem. Users can access it from their desktop or mobile device and send colleagues instant messages. It has a long list of features, and allows sharing Box and SharePoint files, cross-platform connectivity with Mio, and more.
  5. Zoom Whiteboard: a virtual canvas that provides a comfortable, interactive work experience from everywhere. Users can doodle and add notes spontaneously mid-meeting, manage tasks between team members, and keep tracking them after the end of the meeting.
  6. Zoom Phone: like other Zoom tools, it is part of one advanced ecosystem that offers full synchronization and saves the toggle of moving between various platforms. Cloud PBX telephony allows a comfortable and intuitive move between workstations at the office or outside it, even from the personal mobile device – all it takes is internet connection. It has a long list of features for daily use, easy-to-use centralized management for admins, advanced security settings, and more.