Cloud Telephony Implementation for Moon Active


Global organizations need a flexible, scalable, and intuitive telephony solution that fits their workflow and helps them make the most out of hybrid work. Zoom Phone, Zoom’s IP telephony solution, is an extension of the video platform and the entire ecosystem.

About Moon Active

An Israeli casual mobile gaming company that was established in 2011. The company’s headquarters is located in Tel Aviv and there are several other branches in Europe. As a tech-oriented and global company, Moon Active focuses on providing the most advanced solutions to its employees.

The Challenge

Moon Active has been working with Naotech for a few years, and has several organizational Zoom tools. In 2022, Moon Active’s team decided to leave its cloud telephony solution provider, and expand its set of Zoom solutions.

As an organization and as an IT team, our goal is to provide technological solutions to our employees, and to improve the user experience. We noticed that deskphones require a lot of maintenance whenever there's a new employee, so we decided to look for a more innovative, dynamic, and easy-to-use solution.
We chose Zoom Phone solution by Naotech for a simple reason: Zoom is already implemented in our company, it is used on a daily basis, it's easy to operate, and to manage users. In some respects, we added another layer of Zoom rather than an entirely new app.
When we started working on implementing Zoom Phone and moving from the old solution to the new one, Naotech's team was very responsive. The team accompanied us as we ported our numbers from the old solution to Zoom. The team was present throughout the process and afterwards. We're really satisfied with the product and the service.

The Process with Naotech

The Naotech team went above and beyond to make the transition as smooth as possible.

I asked for PoC (Proof of Concept) licenses, we got 10, chose 2 team members from the relevant departments, and let them use the solution for 2 weeks. We asked for feedbacks, implemented changes (like automations), and decided to go for it.

Naotech and Moon Active started a gradual process of existing line porting and implementation that included account-level feedbacks and appliances: API settings changes, IVR, and advanced automations. At the end of the process the Moon Active team got the reliable, high-quality telephony solution it needed.

I'm pleased. The Naotech team helped a lot, answered calls, and stood by us even when we needed urgent assistance. Zoom Phone is a wonderful product – easy-to-use for both end-users and admins. In the past few months, we've been getting wonderful feedbacks saying how stable and user-friendly it is.

What's Next?

A few months into the stansition, Zoom Phone is a vital part of the organizational workflow.

Zoom Phone is a technologically advanced solution. I highly recommend trying it. It offers flexibility both for users and for admins. Organizations that can go for it should apply it.