And the Winner Is… Naotech! Recapping Zoom’s Partner Connect Event

2020 was an extraordinary, eventful year for Naotech. We worked hard, gave our best every single day, and helped many leading Israeli organizations implement Zoom successfully, as well as other leading video conference solutions. Coping with the skyrocketing demand was rather challenging, but we did not hesitate and took this challenge upon ourselves. Furthermore, we didn’t give up on our other goals – delivering happiness.

In the end, all the hard work paid off. Zoom executives saw it too and showed us their appreciation. Earlier this month, we were invited for Zoom’s Partner Connect event, that brought together Zoom resellers and partners from all over the world, and concluded 2020’s events. 

As a part of the event, we were the finalists for the international Pinnacle Award, and we won the EMEA Excellence Award. In addition, Naotech CEO, Olivier Schiffmann, delivered an inspiring speech in front of online attendees from all over the EMEA region (Europe, Middle East, and Africa).

Zoom Awards
Delivering happiness pays off

It is a great honor for us at Naotech, and a wonderful way to finish 2020. We would like to thank our Zoom partners and colleagues for believing in us, motivating us to create a unique culture based on delivering happiness, and allowing us to be a part of the Zoom revolution.

Read Naotech CEO’s full speech here:

Naotech – Introduction

Naotech has been Israel’s leading provider of video conferencing solutions since 2004. We aim not only to bring industry leading technology to Israeli businesses – but to improve organizational workflow and communication in a more holistic way that promotes both happiness and prosperity.

We create tailor-made hardware & software solutions for each organization according to its needs and strategies, we provide consultancy and continuous support for the Israeli market. In short, we deliver simplicity and accessibility to this entire ecosystem of video conferencing.

Learn, Grow, Expand – 2016-2019

Ever since we became Zoom partners in 2015 we’ve learnt so much from Zoom. To me, Zoom has been an endless source of inspiration, both personally and professionally.

Many of the foundations that constitute the Zoom culture are a central part of the Naotech culture as well. I really do believe that this is what made Naotech what it is today. The values that we absorbed from Zoom are the driving force behind our ability to provide the Israeli market with a unique added value. This is exactly what enabled us not only to expand but also to be the change that we seek – to operate with a true sense of purpose.

I’ve been admiring Zoom’s execution, simplicity and frictionlessness ever since the beginning, and I feel honored to have facilitated the massive deployment of Zoom solutions across all industries here in Israel.

COVID-19 At Naotech

When Israel went into its first lockdown during March and April, and with the panic of the pandemic, we witnessed firsthand how video conferencing made the transition from being a professional tool to being a survival strategy, no less. We realized that the tool to enable businesses and essential activity to continue working was right in our hands, since Zoom is a business tool that enables much-needed continuity. This was the realization we were on a mission and we felt so committed to it.

In a sense, Israel was ready for COVID-19 – Zoom had already been deployed in many organizations across the country, but there was still plenty to be done. Our goal was to provide optimal support to every organization that asked for our help during the lockdown.

Of course, we had to prioritize. We helped many essential enterprises maintain their work, including hospitals, universities, and government and public entities. For some organizations, it was a full 180-degree shift towards the digital world, and with our assistance, they passed the challenge successfully.

Delivering Happiness - Even In Challenging Times

We managed to transfer the activities of so many essential companies and organizations to the virtual world in no time. That was an incredible challenge our teams have addressed very successfully if I may say so myself.

Our employees gave everything they had – work hours and effort – to sustain the rising demand for Zoom solutions. Our professional team communicated with clients from morning to night, to support and help businesses every day. Our team worked around the clock to ensure that Israel’s famous solidarity remains as strong as ever.

In our perspective – our clients’ success is also our success. In many ways, I really believe that all this was possible thanks to our culture at Naotech. The enormous efforts that our employees succeeded to demonstrate could happen only by feeling so committed to the mission and to their feelings toward our company.

The Privilege of Being Essential

Thanks to Zoom – and with our help – Israel’s leading social organizations and nonprofit of all kinds were able to continue to support their respective target audiences.

Zoom gave us the vital opportunity to be essential, and we felt the need to pay it forward. To name just a few examples: We helped holding webinars and workshops for discharged soldiers; Virtual meetings during Holocaust Remembrance Day; Online ceremonies and get-togethers that empowered grieving families on Memorial Day; and many other meaningful activities that truly warmed our heart, and that we were honored to be a part of.

In the world of Academia, Naotech has helped practically all Israeli universities implement Zoom solutions very quickly and efficiently, enabling most of their academic departments to carry on with their curriculums virtually. We’ve been hearing from many Israeli universities that they’re planning to leverage Zoom even post-COVID, since they had the chance to experience the many benefits and opportunities embodied in remote learning.

Speed of Trust and Naotech Culture

The support we’ve been providing at Naotech during this prolonged crisis is fully aligned with our professional vision. Naotech’s ongoing goal is to help businesses succeed. That has been our goal from day 1.

At the end of the day, we are all part of the same social fabric. We really do care. We are here for all of Israel’s businesses, organizations, and nongovernmental organizations, because we believe in their major contribution to society, and at Naotech it is crucial for us to give back, especially to those who most need it. We want to help them get through this difficult time.

Our company culture is centered around empathy and caring. So being essential, for us, is a true gift, and I am so grateful for Zoom for giving us the opportunity to fulfill our mission.

What We’re Planning to Do in The Near Future

For a long time, I’ve believed that each and every organization, whether large or small, must rely on Zoom solutions not only in order to increase work efficiency – that’s obvious – but also in order to increase trust levels among the different team members. By video meetings people are together more often and know each other better.

 At Naotech we believe that once mutual trust is established, everyone feels better, and everyone works better – it’s that simple. What we’re planning for the near future is to get as many Israeli businesses as possible to make the most out of Zoom, because we truly believe that Zoom goes much farther than collaboration. Zoom is a culture (which by the way Naotech has gradually adopted as well).

 One of our goals at Naotech is to grow this Zoom culture in Israeli businesses and organizations, in a way that we help them to achieve their strategic goals in the long run. Our mission is to promote – together with Zoom – the prosperity of Israeli companies across all industries. Eventually, our goal is to deliver happiness to our customers not only in order to retain them, but also in order to provide them with added value that goes beyond our call of duty.

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