Small-Intermediate Room Collaboration Solution

About DTEN Bar

The DTEN Bar redefines small room collaboration with its all-in-one design, combining a 4K camera, a 12-microphone array, and integrated stereo speakers to deliver a seamless audio-visual experience. This sleek device offers advanced features like acoustic echo cancellation, automatic gain control, and noise reduction, ensuring crystal-clear communication. With its easy connectivity, the DTEN Bar simplifies setup and operation. Its compact size and versatile mounting options make it a powerful yet budget-friendly addition to any meeting space, embodying both functionality and elegance.

The multi-functional DTEN Bar offers flexible mounting options, allowing users to place it horizontally or vertically on the wall, adapting to every meeting room setup.

What DTEN Bar Suggests

The DTEN Bar suggests a seamless integration of high-quality audio and video conferencing tailored for small rooms. This adaptability is complemented by the inclusion of the DTEN Mate, a companion device with a 10″ multi-touch display, which enhances user interaction and control. The DTEN Mate ensures convenience and ease of use in various configurations, ultimately making the DTEN Bar a versatile and user-friendly solution for modern meeting spaces.



The DTEN Bar is Zoom and Microsoft Teams certified. With its Bring Your Own Device connectivity, you can use any collaboration platform.

Horizontal & Vertical Mounting Options

Horizontal & Vertical mounting options: The DTEN Bar's design includes a 360-degree flip option, allowing it to be easily adjusted for optimal positioning in any meeting space.

Plug & Play Capability

Allowing a seamless connectivity and instant collaboration access by simply connecting a single USB-C cable to any PC.

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