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It Is Time to Get Personal! Who said that the only way to enjoy a world-class, uncompromised, professional video conference is at your office conference room?

DTEN ME is an all-in-one collaboration device, that was designed especially for CEO offices. Just like DTEN D7, its video conferencing room counterpart, DTEN ME provides a complete video conference solution, that also fits your desk perfectly. DTEN ME allows you to create the most practical, simplified, space-effective, technology-oriented workspace, that enhances productivity.

The Ultimate All-in-One Video Conferencing Experience, Only for You

If you join your colleagues for a remote meeting at your own office or at home, you can’t afford to waste time on technical difficulties. Also, you can’t rely on an IT professional at all times. You need a video conference system that enables workflow.

Gone are the days when you had to purchase every video conference component separately, deploy each one at your personal office and hope for the best performance and efficiency. DTEN ME present the ideal kit for a personal use.

DTEN ME includes:

  • Zoom software, a best-of-breed, world-renowned collaboration platform.
  • 27”, HD, multi-touch display for a lifelike vision that also allows users to write, doodle and enjoy an auto-correct for hand-drawn shapes.
  • 3 camera array that provides an outstanding 160-degree field of view combined, that “reads the room” and creates a sharp, high-quality vision.
  • 8 microphones array and a propriety DSP processing for a crystal-clear sound experience.
  • Integrated stereo speakers.
  • DTEN Audio AI, based on machine learning, that blocks unwanted background noise and allows you to focus on your meeting only.

Who Can Enjoy DTEN ME?

Essentially, every constant video conference user, who wants to join a video conference meeting at the comfort of their office (at home or at work). It allows a personalized experience, all it takes is a quick login to your pre-existing Zoom Meeting account, and you are ready to go. Your calendar, meeting settings and even your Zoom Phone will all synch together – in one device.

DTEN ME is a plug-and-play system that does not require an IT specialist close by. After a quick deployment (that can be done easily by Naotech team), your personal video conference is all set. You can enjoy an HDMI-in port that allows you to connect your PC to your DTEN ME and use the device as an additional computer. Furthermore, the device can be managed from a Zoom manager portal. If you have any questions along the way, Naotech team will be happy to help.

The Road to Your Perfect Video Meeting Starts Here

DTEN ME was designed to perfection and fits personal offices with ease. It’s easily portable and fits big and small offices alike, as it weighs only 14.5 pounds (less than 7 kg), and it’s 0.5 inch thick (less than 1.5 cm).

You don’t have to worry about webcams, speakers and even a desk phone that require extra space. Also, you don’t need to worry about multiple cables and cords. The most aesthetic, professional, efficient solution is at your fingertips.

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