Zoom Meetings

Organizational Video Conference with Real-Time Messaging and Content Sharing from All Devices

Zoom Meetings

Organizational Video Conference with Real-Time Messaging and Content Sharing from All Devices


◄Unrivaled User Experience 

Even new users will be surprised by how easy it is to use Zoom Meetings, which allows them to start a conversation or join ongoing ones. They can also use Zoom Meetings from every device. 

◄Organizational Efficiency Starts Here: Join a Conversation from Anywhere and Any Device 

Zoom Meetings synchronizes with the calendar and provides a simple and efficient video conferencing experience, from both desktop and mobile devices. 

◄A Video Solution for Every Need 

The Zoom Meetings platform unifies all internal and external organization communication solutions, including trainings and multi-participant meetings.  

Putting the Team In Front

Simple Calendar Management from Every System

Start Meetings with a Push of a Button

Inherent Tools for Organizational Collaboration

HD Video and Audio

Recording and Transcription

Zoom Meetings interfaces with Outlook, Gmail and iCal, so that users can schedule meetings and start them right from their email’s calendar. Meeting invites and meeting joining are very simple from both email and calendar applications.

It is possible to conduct a group chat with a searchable chat history, file sharing and a material archive that is saved for 10 years. It’s also very easy to switch to private mode and back to group chat mode.

In order to enjoy more interactive meetings, multiple users can simultaneously share their screens and add comments together.

Users can conduct HD quality video and audio meetings with up to 1000 participants and 49 screens display.

Meetings can be recorded locally or on the cloud, complete with searchable transcripts.

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report higher engagement levels
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Organizations that work with Zoom report that performance, trust and team engagement levels have all increased.

Enjoy the Most Powerful Communication Solutions

Installing Zoom Meetings on your desktop and mobile devices will provide you with the tools that will make every meeting a success. 

Zoom Meetings allows you to:

◄ Focus on your meeting rather than its documentation – with one push on the record button, Zoom lets you record the conversation and transcribe it into searchable text.

Share and play video with full audio and video, without the need to upload content. 

Refine your look for upcoming meetings using virtual backgrounds and the touch-up button.

Putting Mobility Front and Center

We work in a dynamic environment, where managers and team members are expected to participate in video conferences from anywhere. Zoom Meetings enhance mobile devices with seamless user experience, just like on a desktop.  

Virtual backgrounds and photos of your choice (available for iPhone8 and later versions).

◄ Screen share and simultaneous comments

Safe Driving mode or Apple Carplay (available for iPhones only) 


Instant messaging significantly improves the efficiency of organizational collaboration, both on desktop environments and on mobile devices.

Create private or public chat groups 

◄ Share files   

Search for content  

Start a meeting at a push of a button

Remote Management and Support is Easier than Ever

Remote IT management and support simplify a wide range of processes.

◄ Usage trend monitoring

◄ Version segmentation display

◄ Allocation of personalized access specifications (account, group and user-based)

High Engagement Levels 

Fascinating interactive meetings everywhere.

◄ Surveys, polls and Q&A sessions

◄ Virtual survey support

Extended Audio

More audio possibilities for everyone.

◄ A no-cost Dial-In via VoIP, as well as a payment Dial-In for over 55 countries

◄ Free worldwide calls and invitations

◄ Designated Dial-In numbers

◄ Zoom Meetings with extended audio

6 Reasons Why Zoom Meetings is The Best Platform for Your Organization

Comfort: Zoom Meetings was just made for this purpose, and offers an intuitive, simple and end-user friendly experience. Within a few clicks you can schedule a Zoom meeting, join a Zoom meeting, start a meeting, record, split into smaller rooms, add transcripts, and share screen – or parts of it.

Security: Zoom’s multiple security features promise you a smooth ride. Here are some of them:

  • Settings-based security features that allow you to adjust your security preferences on a personal/organizational level in advance. For example, approve or block entry for users from specific countries/regions.
  • Meeting hosts must choose between passcode and Waiting Room.
  • During meetings, the Security button is as available as it gets, right on the toolbar, and offers useful tools like Suspend Participant Activities. If necessary, removing misbehaving participants is a breeze too. Besides that, you can also keep other participating from using the chat or screen sharing.
  • Organizations that want an extra layer of protection can opt for end-to-end encryption.

Zoom Apps: Zoom allows you to use dozens of useful apps – without leaving your meeting. You can boost your entire team’s productivity, share files with ease, and even show your playful side by using fun games.

360-degree communication: thanks to Zoom Desktop Client, organizations can enjoy a comprehensive communication solution. With Zoom Chat you can have 1:1 chats as well as channel chats. You can edit your sent messages, transfer files, set up the Notify Me When Available, start instant meetings in seconds, and more. Connecting Zoom Phone allows you to make instant calls right from your desktop, for a more holistic organizational communication experience.

It keeps getting better: Zoom keeps updating constantly, with hundreds of new updates and features every year.

It’s all about the combination: Naotech takes the Zoom experience much further. Our CSM will be glad to meet you on a regular basis to offer you a flawless Zoom experience.

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More and more organizations already enjoy the many benefits of Zoom Meetings. Want to benefit from proven organizational efficiency?
For a free demo, click here.

More and more organizations already enjoy the many benefits of Zoom Meetings. Want to benefit from proven organizational efficiency?
For a free demo, click here.