Zoom Contact Center

A Zoom-Based Omni-Channel Customer Service Tool

Zoom Contact Center

A Zoom-Based Omni-Channel Customer Service Tool

A Customized Contact Center Experience That Drive Client Loyalty

Zoom Contact Center allows customers to connect in multiple ways at the push of a button: video, voice, SMS, and webchat. Zoom Contact Center can be used as a standalone customer experience or integrate into an existing digital presence like a website or application.

It was built as an omni-channel customer service platform that’s optimized for video and integrated into the same Zoom experience. Zoom Contact Center brings unified communications together with contact center capabilities.

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What Makes Zoom Contact Center Stand Out?

Advanced AI Abilities

Zoom Contact Center offers an intelligent self-service based on AI Chatbots and automation – to deliver fast, accurate resolutions, reduce volume of support tickets, and lower wait & handle times

Useful Analytics

Easily measurable and trackable data that allows to increase agent productivity and as a result, the entire business outcome. With Contact Center, companies are empowering their teams with unified contact center and communications experiences, alongside customer data and tools needed to resolve complex cases with less effort

Higher Satisfaction Rates

Zoom Contact Center raises customer satisfaction level and offers fast resolutions, lower wait & handle time, and an overall better experience: businesses using Zoom Virtual Agent (chatbot) increase their satisfaction score by nearly 250%.

24/7 Self Service

Smart AI-based self-service routing

Full Zoom Integration

An Innovative Zoom-based customer service platform that integrates with the full Zoom workflow: ideal for Zoom-using organizations

Highly Flexible and Scalable

A tool than supports rapid growth

How does it work?

  • A custom-made, conversation intelligence-based workflow that fits every organization’s needs that simultaneously cuts costs – built together with Naotech’s professional team. Customers can get the fast, multi-channel access they need, while agents have the tools and data they need to be more effective. And it’s all supported by an AI and automation engine.
  • More effective customer touchpoints through a best-in-class meeting and phone experience that allows conversations and close deals faster.
  • Higher productivity and focus through conversation intelligence integrated with your communications experience that drives automation and spending more time with customers.
  • Contact Center optimized team alignment: All members of the revenue teams can communicate and collaborate through their preferred channels and get access to a source of truth in all customer conversations, so there are no broken handovers across the customer journey.

Automize Your Customer Service Now

Simple agent and supervisor experiences

Zoom Contact Center is a vital part of the full Zoom workflow. By integrating contact center capabilities into Zoom, the process of simplifying the agent's involvement is facilitated, enabling agents to enhance their productivity as they engage in connection and cooperation with their peers. Supervisors gain visibility into all ongoing interactions, thereby offering current information across various communication channels

Designed to accommodate versatility and suit all types of businesses

start by utilizing drag-and-drop functionality within the visual IVR designer. Arrange your agent competencies effectively, create queue systems, and oversee analytical data to assess results and foster enhancements. The analytics, available in real-time and spanning historical records, encompass metrics such as average service level, handling time, waiting time, and wrap-up time categorized by channel. Furthermore, you'll have visibility into concluded calls versus abandoned calls, alongside instances of missed calls

Integrate Zoom Contact Center into existing experiences

Customers have the flexibility to initiate conversations through their preferred digital channel, such as a website, application, or even a phone call, and can incorporate video if necessary. This enables various organizations to engage in significant interactions with their customers, ensuring relevance and timeliness