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On the early days of COVID, Maccabi’s collaboration team wanted to improve the organization’s internal and external communication operations, and to provide its 2.5 million members with access to remote medical care.

SodaStream had been using a video conference solution that did not provide a quality experience, both technically and because it lacked some basic and required functionalities. The company was seeking a solution that would be easy and flexible enough to adjust to the company’s dynamic workflows and different platforms already in use.

When a global IT enterprise splits into two separate companies, the turmoil hits everything from internal communications to customer relations. In this hectic reality, there was a desperate need for a unifying collaboration solution.

Striving to enhance the online learning experience, Kibbutzim College was looking for a solution that would enable virtual meetings between students from all over the globe, without compromising on audio/video quality.

The biotechnology company MeMed Diagnostics needed a high-quality audio solution, in order to host video conference meetings in a large space with a unique architecture.

The company’s scale over the past decade in global organizational structure has raised the need to manage employees from afar, as well as communicate overseas with clients and investors. They needed to be increasingly efficient in order to stay flexible in a world of multiple time-zones, scattered employees and very little IT personnel.