AI-Based, Ever-Evolving Remote Communication Solution

Possibilities Zoom by Naotech can provide

A platform that allows every end-user to seamlessly start a video meeting at the push of a button.

All provided by Israel’s top Zoom experts, made to fit the local requirements and multiple industries such as hi-tech, government, education, and finance.

Naotech became Zoom’s partner in Israel in 2015. Thanks to this long-term partnership as well as the team’s constant training and ever-expanding list of certifications made to meet Zoom’s highest standards for partners, Naotech offers industry-leading, Hebrew-speaking Zoom support & service that fit the local market. The Naotech team will be more than happy to channel Zoom’s abilities and create a tailor-made workflow for organizations from all industries.

Comprehensive, personalized organizational workflow from one platform that offers cloud telephony, chat, meeting room solution, smart sales & customer service tools, and an ever-expanding list of AI tools, and more.

Zoom Products, Briefly

Zoom for Business is a revolutionary software transforming how companies communicate and collaborate. Its intuitive interface ensures ease of use, making it accessible for all team members. In addition to the well-known video conferencing solution, Zoom Meetings, Zoom offers a 360-degree suite of tools—including chat, phone, webinars, and AI-based sales and customer service solutions—that seamlessly integrate with each other, creating a unified communication workflow.

Moreover, Zoom leverages advanced AI capabilities to enhance meeting experiences with features like real-time transcription and translation, automated scheduling, and intelligent meeting summaries, optimizing productivity and fostering a more connected and efficient workplace.

Zoom offers a variety of advantages for organizations, starting with its robust security. The platform employs end-to-end encryption, advanced security configurations, and compliance with various industry standards. Furthermore, Zoom’s user-friendly interface is renowned for its simplicity and reliability, allowing every end-user to work more efficiently. This ease of use and “it just works” approach minimize technical difficulties and allow teams to focus on their tasks without being bothered by connectivity issues, enhancing overall productivity.

ZOOM Products

What Zoom Suggests

Beyond its core functionality, Zoom continuously evolves to meet the dynamic needs of modern workflows. Products like Revenue Accelerator and Contact Center are tailored to enhance specific business processes, providing specialized tools that drive efficiency and growth. The platform’s extensive integration capabilities with leading tools such as Salesforce, Microsoft Teams, and Slack, further streamline operations by consolidating communication into a unified ecosystem. Additionally, Zoom’s AI-powered features, such as real-time language translation significantly enhance collaboration. This commitment to innovation ensures that Zoom remains future-proof, consistently adapting to emerging trends and technologies to support organizations’ success.

Zoom Advantages

Smart & Dynamic Platform

Zoom continually adapting with innovative features and integrations to meet the dynamic needs of modern organizations.


The Zoom AI Companion enhances productivity by providing automated meeting transcriptions, real-time language translation, intelligent task management, and much more.

Ideal for Organizational Use

Zoom Workplace streamlines communication and collaboration within organizations by integrating various tools and features into a unified, user-friendly platform.