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Sound Masking and Room Acoustics

We Offer a Wide Range of Sound Masking Solutions

It is called Quiet Technology – the silent revolution that you need to hear about. 

Today, noise is considered something that we are simply forced to live with. It may look like the conversations in the next conference room will always be heard, just like our neighboring co-worker who spends hours on the phone, the doctor and patience in the waiting room, and our call center co-workers…

But there’s a solution!  

Cambridge, which is represented in Israel by Naotech Communication Group, revolutionizes the office space as we know it. Although it is called Quiet Technology, in actuality it is an advanced method that creates a resistance for existing sound waves in the workplace, thus blurring human noise. This noise blurring helps creating conditions for optimal concentration, privacy, and relaxation in the workplace. And it works! 

Sound Masking – How Does Quiet Technology Work?

Let’s use our office as an example. It is a fixed structure divided into work stations, meeting rooms, server rooms, etc. The first step is to study the structure’s dimensions (floor to ceiling) and understand which loud areas should benefit from enhanced quiet.  

Once we’ve done that, we move on to measuring the acoustics of the office’s loud areas.  

Did you know that there are fixed range frequencies for human voices?  

After we’re done measuring, we can deploy a “quiet infrastructure” that includes nano speakers hidden in the ceiling and a central monitoring station that can be installed in a remote location. 

The tiny speakers emit air noises that are similar to an AC system. The human ear is used to this noise, and therefore it is welcomed in the office with no objections. 

In the office, in designated locations, we install regulators that, if and when needed, can “increase the silence”, in case there is more noise in the office than usual.  

The system is quick to install, and is barely noticeable.  

The system comes with an extended warranty, in case updates are required (for example, if there are changes to the office structure).